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Full Version: Final Showdown 2:- Burst Finsh (Free Entry) (DATES CHANGED)
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Hey guys! Its WBO's 8th Aniversary and to celebrate this we are having 2 day event (2 format each day) and special thing is there won't be entry fees
for these events!
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTU9qMQGmNb5G0wd93EPFb...3aujzqRGCA] Confirmed Members: 
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTU9qMQGmNb5G0wd93EPFb...3aujzqRGCA]Unconfrimed
[Image: dj2002.gif]Hosting Team 
[Image: 7s1]Prizes: Depending on Number of people coming so do bring your friends for better prize!
1st Place:- Gold Bit + Credits (and Lost Longinus and Left String Launcher for 8-12 people. Dranzer S Burst for 13-17 people. B-09 Beyblade Burst Stadium for 18+ people2nd Place:- Silver Bit + Credits (and Zilion Zeus for 8-12 people. Xeno Xcaliber with Sword Launcher for 13-18 people and B-09 Beyblade Burst Stadium for 18+ 
3rd Place:- Bronze Bit + Credits (and Xeno Xcalibur for 8-12 people. Xeno Xcalibur and Sword Launcher for 13-18 people and B-09 Beyblade Burst Stadium for 18+ people)

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ_BqBbiecMtjDZdHIoztv...miiYlf3oMg]
FAQ (please read carefully before coming
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The Event; Role of the Host, co-Host & Judges; Formats and more! 
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Click To Read Questions and Answers (Click to View)
Awesome ! I'll be coming to this event!(D2 is Ready)
Great poster btw Forbidden1!
So guys confirmed members for this event:-
Sahil Pruthi
Iam In to
I am attending this event it's gonna be fun
Due to some personal issue i want to request all the bladers that if we can postpone the event on 27th of December .. ?
Me to
There seems to be a lot of new bladers! That is good. It is fun battling new bladers.... new experiences
I will be selling these beyblades at the tournament, PM me in case you are interested
Most probably i will come
Reached. if anyone can't find me. Call me on 9819191503 or to AaryanBITW 8169803516 on or Mihir (Snidmist) 7666750030
Enjoyed the event Smile Thanks guys ! It was fun and tiring as always
Hey @[FIREFIRE CPB], do you have the results spreadsheet for this event? Can you please post it as soon as possible? Thanks!

@[Kei] Here's the results. Sorry for being so late!