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Full Version: Forge Disc-Wing
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Quote:Wing is a Forge Disc released as part of the Burst System. It debuted in the DX starter B-01 Valkyrie Wing Accel.
Wing is a circular Forge Disc with two upward curved wings on either side.In theory the wings are meant to produce upper force in right spin by pushing the air upward, reducing friction between the Driver and the stadium floor increasing the stamina of the Customization and down force in left spin by pushing the air downwards which will increase the friction between the Driver and the stadium floor resulting in more grip and stability.In reality however, the abnormal  shape and placement of the wings make them inefficient for such purposes  and the upper force/down force produced is negligible. Furthermore, the unusual placement of the wings creates an abnormal weight distribution which combined with its low weight and below average burst resistance makes it bad for any type of Customization.Due to its small diameter Wing also does not posses any remarkable Life-After-Death properties. Due to the aforementioned reasons, Wing is severely outclassed and has no competitive usage in both the Standard Format and Hasbro-only Fomat.
Overall, Wing is severely outclassed and is bad for all types of Customization in both the Standard Format and Hasbro-only Format. Due to these reasons, Wing should only be bought for collection purposes.
==Product List==
  • B-01 Valkyrie Wing Accel
  • B-08 Valkyrie Wing Accel (Start Dash Set)
  • Valkyrie Wing Accel (Black Knight Ver.) (black painted)
  • B-07 Kerbeus Wing Fusion
  • B-15 07 Ragnaruk Wing Defense (Random Booster Vol. 1) 
  • B-15 02 Spriggan Wing Claw (Random Booster Vol. 1)
  • B-18 Valkyrie Wing Accel (Vs. Play Set)
  • B-24 01 Evil-eye Wing Needle (Random Booster Vol. 2)
  • B-21 Deathscyther Wing Fusion (Beyblade Reshuffle Set Attack & Balance) (gold painted)
  • Dragoon S Wing Xtreme
  • Dragoon S Wing Xtreme (CoroCoro Ainiki Ver. Exclusive) (black painted)
Its a useless disk not much to say. Make edits which u think are appropriate
Quote:Wing is a Forge Disc released as part of the Burst System. It debuted with the release of the DX Starter B-01 Valkyrie Wing Accel on July 18th, 2015.

Wing features six sloped blades, which are meant to create Upper Force in right-spin to improve stamina, and Down Force in left-spin to improve stability. However, the small size of the blades makes the effect negligible. Due to the small size of the blades, the large gaps in between the blades, and the thin shape, Wing has extremeley light weight, making it useless for every type of combo.
Due to Wing's negligible upper force and down force, and light weight, Wing is outclassed by every other discs in the metagame, as it is too light t be used in any combo. As such, Wing is reccomended for collection purposes only.
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