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Full Version: Favorite Beyblade Burst / Beyblade Burst Evolution Battle
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I like shu vs lui , valt vs lui , xhaka vs valt both season , daina vs valt, Wakiya vs shu and Red Eye aka shu vs valt, Kuza,Rantaro aside that their a few more battle I like but that's my top fight battle that I like
Zac vs Akira, Anubis put up a great fight, and it really showed us how strong Zac was, especially when he copied Akira's launch after only seeing it once.
red eye vs lui
Well seems that I'll have to change my opinion best battle of beyblade burst now Is episode 36 of burst God Red aka shu vs lui hands down
Mine is Valt vs Lui because Valt almost most won and it was epic
My one so far is bj vs kd it was daigos shine
Shelter Regulus vs Ark Bahamut
Sorry, I put most after almost, so sorry
Daina vs Joshua
Lui vs shu
Volt vs Shu
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