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Full Version: stamina of the new god layer system disks compared to old top tier disks for stamina
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with the intoduction of god layer system,the disk meta has completely changed.Before the god layer system was intoduced heavy,gravity,spread and knuckle were the popular disks for stamina.then with the intrdoduction of left spin LAD became important so 2/4Glaive/ cross,spread and yell became popular for right spin stamina combos.but nowadays i see that top-tier pure stamina combos in the wining tournaments is gK heavy/4G revolve. i mean i understand that LAD isnt important anymore but why is heavy all of a sudden became that good for stamina when in the past it was overshadowed by knuckle,spread and gravity for like pure stamina.and also my question is which of these following disks(gravity,4/2/8 Glaive ,knuckle,spread,heavy) would be best for stamina now and why?what would be the reason for its superiority.i am aware that certain people have certain disks which have perfect balance which lead to greater performence but what disk would be the best if we are talking about perfect balance parts?