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Full Version: Galeon Reborn
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Stepping out of the usual monotony, I decided to model something that would serve as a nice throwback to the past. The topic I chose was ...BEYBLADE . Beyblade was a rage back in the day, and the combination of the tv show and the toys, really made the experience, one to remember. I stuck on to the craze for the first generation, aka the plastic generation and to this day, despite the toys getting new designs and overhauls, I still maintain that generation 1 was the best ever.

Coming to the design itself, I wanted to make a refined version of the beyblade Galeon. The black look of the blade had caught my attention on the show, and despite its dismal performance record in the series, it still remained one of my favourites.

So, for your consideration - Galeon Reborn !!

Galeon Reborn