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Full Version: Beyblade Outlaws List Tournament
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Hey there folks. Just thought i would make a little thread on a little mini series some friends and I do periodically.
We call it the Beyblade Outlaws List. Be prepared long post alert. (Those of you familiar with the tv show "Street Outlaws", this is basically same concept with beyblades.

Basically, we do a tournament with every burst bey we have, and do double elimination style, sometimes with a loser bracket. Rules are it must be a burst, no superglued or weighted parts, no modding launchers, spring swaps, etc. However we welcome and encourage custom painted burst beys and nicknames for them. Paint is not allowed on parts that interfere with the bursting mechanism. Tops of beys and other nonfunctioning surfaces are fair game.

All beys are put in a giant bag, and drawn out at random by each blader per match. In tonight's case, we will have 2 blue stadiums going between 4 of us to get the 50something beys competing, switiching opponents every other fight.

Each round is won by 3 points total. Spin outs and ring outs gain 1 point. Burst wins give 2. We also employ a '2 second rule', where if one or both burst or ring out before staying spinning in stadium for 2 seconds, we respin.
We do this until we have 10 beys left in total. These are called our 'Top 10 list.'
From here we fight until we have an order from 1st to 10th place finish.

Once we have our list tourney complete, each night at work on lunch break, everyone is then allowed to do 2 things. You may try and advance your beyblade's position on the list by fighting and defeating whomever is ahead of you, (youre bey is in 4th, you fight the 3rd spot bey to take its 3rd spot and bump it to 4th) or you may take a beyblade and challenge the beyblade in spot #10 to make it on the list and bump 10 off. 
Basically, then end goal varies. Some want to hold the top #1 spot, some want to have at least 3 of their beys somewhere on the list, a couple of guys just hope to make 1 single bey on our list alone even. 
Also, if your bey is on the list, its parts must remain the way they are. No changing rings, drivers, paintjobs, etc.
Every month we start a whole new tournament over for a new list to fight through, as we constantly add and change beys as we go.

I will keep this updated to show how our tournament goes. If i can figure out how to post pictures i will do that as well. Thanks for reading, hope all have a great weekend. -TheHahns