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Full Version: Some Vanishing Moot issues
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Um, hi all. A while back I tried to make a custom Sharkrash and figured out an approximate Parts combo of: Driger F's Attack Ring, an 8-Balance Weight Disk (it may supposed to be an 8-Heavy, looking back), a Magnacore (probably either Neo North or MW), and an SG Sharp blade base (from Galman).

The blade has been all made and it spins fine enough, but the thing won't stay until the launcher. Does anyone know a Part swap or life hack that could get the Cyber Elephanton custom working?
This should be posted in the Beyblade Hobby Q&A forum.
My mistake.

How do I take this down on mobile?
(Jul. 26, 2017  6:36 PM)SncTCllctr Wrote: [ -> ]My mistake.

How do I take this down on mobile?

You can't. Only the committee members can do that.
Thanks for the clarification.