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Full Version: Selling Zero-G and More on PayPal, Mercari, Depop, Poshmark
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Hello members of the WBO Community,

I am currently trying to sell Beyblades on PayPal, Depop, Poshmark, or Mercari. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!

All the beyblades have normal wear and tear, have no launchers or tools, and are not damaged unless mentioned. Feel free to message me for more details and pictures of everything I have. Also, all of my Beyblades were bought in-store (USA) and online (4D) from trusted Amazon Prime sellers back a few years ago. I bought the Zero-G Beyblades from competitions hosted by WBO. Prices are generally negotiable, but I do know the worth of my Beyblades so please do not low-ball me. (I.E.) I will not consider $5 for a Zero-G beyblade.

Link to images: (old)

The Beyblades up for sale are:
Japanese Zero G
Guardian Reviser (w/ Launcher)
Bandit Golem/Goreim (w/ MSF)
Dark Knight Dragoon (w/ Launcher)
Booster Pirates Phoenic
#BBG-24 Japanese Zero G Beyblade Ultimate DX Set Thin Chrome Attack / Balance Type
MSF (Metal Stone Face) Set
Spare parts: Saramanda, Purple Zero G Wheel (IDK the name), and Samurai Ifraid's tip and track.

#BB-121 Japanese Beyblade 4D Ultimate DX Set:
Blue Metal Faces MF2 (2x)
Wing Pegasus with Metal Face
Death Quetzalcoatl Box

Nightmare Rex
Ray Gil with Sub. Track
Limited Ed. Black Bakushin Susanow (W&T on paint)
Limited Ed. Black & Gold Galaxy Pegasus (Metal Sharp Tip) (W&T on paint)
Pink Painted "Custom" Poison Serpent
Red Launcher Grip, has duct tape instead of the little bar to hold launchers on.