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Full Version: Looking for Translucent Red Seaborg 2!
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Beyblades I am looking for in order of importance:

1. Dragoon F Hyperblades Sub Attack Ring (blue rubber part)
2. Seaborg 2 Desert Khaki (random booster beyblade)
3. Seaborg 2 Translucent Red edition (Random Booster 6)

I want these for a REASONABLE price, I do not buy NIB.

I am willing to trade anything listed in my selling thread (PM me as well, I almost always have new stock on the way) and I can supplement the difference, if any, with paypal.

Selling thread:
(Jul. 08, 2017  10:17 PM)DRAGON KING Wrote: [ -> ]Looking for a Dranzer MS, Death Gargoyle and Wyvern DJ running cores. I'm also looking for their weight disks , but I will only buy them with the RCs. I pay with paypal.

I got Blue Wyvern DJ in new
I am only looking for the running core. I need standard black anyways.

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