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Full Version: I think I have a new mold Gekiryu-oh(sp).
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ya i think I have a new mold gekiryu-oh but what were the changes from the first to the second mold?
See the Bistool page on the wiki.
yup, i gotta new mold one ill edit with a pic
EDIT:[Image: my.php?image=picture442vt3.jpg]
That looks like Bistool, not Gekiryu-oh ...
nope its a gekiryu-oh ill take a pic of the box and stuff if u want. and the bit chip is gekiryu-oh's and is the same color as the beyblade.
isn't Gekiryu-oh like.. see throughish?

or is that ultimate frostic dranzer lol
gekiryu-oh can be but mine isnt. it says on the box that color varies. also i can take a pic of it next to my bistool to show the difference. the gekiryu-oh is too icey blue to be a bistool. and it came with gekiryu-oh stickers and a never opened hasbro box
bugturtles Wrote:isn't Gekiryu-oh like.. see throughish?

or is that ultimate frostic dranzer lol

Gekiryu-oh is that one see through aqua blue and UFD is that solid darker blue.
im pretty sure it doesnt have to be see thru, or i got a fake in a hasbro unopened box. the lot i bought it in also had roller attacker and spin dragoon which are real (can spin dragoon have a mekendo like AR?)
EDIT: here are the pics of bistool and gekiryu-oh(gek. on left, bistool on right), the box, and the papers from it that i have left.
What do you know. We'll have to ammend the wiki for this.
The wings seem thicker to me around the edges than those of Bistool, at least in your comparison pictures.

EDIT: Apparently UFD also had a thicker mold, much like this Gekiryu-oh one. See here:
ya i noticed the thicker wing too. and kool ive contributed. also on my gekuruoh the reinforcement is thinner than on bistool.