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Full Version: Bey-Ja Vu (PLA)
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No Bey? No Prob!
Don't have any Beyblades from this series? No problem! We would be happy to lend a Beyblade and launcher to you to use for the duration of the event!

Side Notes
Please be aware of your belongings: We'd advise users to please, please look after your stuff. While yes this is a Beyblade tournament and we're not suggesting that any of us would attempt to take each other's stuff it is still happening at a public venue where other people (who may not be so friendly) are going to be present as well. Of course, if you see a personal belonging lying around bring it up any of the judges so we can return it to the right person. Your co-operation is appreciated!

All players must arrive on-time: If you do not arrive at the scheduled start time, you risk being excluded from the tournament. The software we use to run our events–Challonge–does not allow us to add in extra participants once the tournament has started.

If you know in advance that you will be late, please post in this thread or contact someone at the event and depending on the circumstances we can perhaps still include you if we know you will arrive soon.

All questions for this tournament may be asked in this thread!
What is plastic
(Jul. 02, 2017  2:13 AM)beyblader 5372 Wrote: [ -> ]What is plastic

plastics are the first generation of beyblades
does this mean hms and plastics remembrance is 15-16?
Hey I just saw this I don't have any beys could I use some of yours just to see how plastic version works?

1st: Angry Face
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Neo Left + Double Bearing Core
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base

2nd: PirateIan
AR: Wing Cross
WD: 10 Balance
BB: Semi-Flat Base

3rd: Ace97
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: 8 Heavy
BB: Metal Ball Base (4 metal balls)

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the old school event! I hope you all enjoyed playing with the Beyblades that started it all!

EDIT: Results spreadsheet -