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Full Version: BUYING Old Gen Plastic/HMS Beyblades
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Hi I am looking for the following Beyblades.  I only collect TAKARA items unless  Hasbro created a blade which Takara didnt such as Driger G Black.

Please contact me if you have any of these or know anyone selling:

USED/MINT (Takara):
Grip Attacker Blue / Silver
Dranzer Auto Change Balancer Red
Wolborg 4 Blue
Dragoon GT Red
Dragoon GT Black
Driger G Black (Hasbro) - not released by Takara
Trygle 2 G - have this already but would like another and ideally with a winder
Venasurian (Hasbro)
Ocean Wrath / Poseidon G (Hasbro)
Orthrus G (Hasbro)

NIB (Takara)
Dragoon S Anime
Grip Attacker
Venus (RB12 Purple)
Orthrus Dark Blue (dont mind mint)
Bakushin-Oh (dont mind mint if Takara, no Hasbros)
Bump King
Roller Attacker
Ultimate Saizo
Bistool (dont mind mint, no Hasbro version)
Kid Dragoon
Kid Draciel
Master Dragoon Red (dont mind Hasbro or mint)
Gekiryu-Oh (Hasbro version)

HMS Proto-Grey ALL of them - mint/NIB
Dragoon MS Black (x2 copies wanted, ideally want at least one NIB).
Death Gargoyle Black 
Sea Dragon Blue
Thunder Dragon Black
Thunder Dragon White 
Wyvern DJ Blue
Wyvern DJ Red
Dranzer MS 
Shining God
Bloody Devil
Dragoon MS (Hasbro) 

I know this is a long list with rare items but i can be patient and will do my best to pay the right/fair price. I do appreciate the value of rare items such as Ocean Wrath.
Im always open to other beys, or buying duplicates so feel free to ping me anything relative!

Based in UK.
Check my thread bro. Smile
I know you said you were looking for a blue sea dragon but I have a regular one on my ebay page, mint condition.