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Full Version: Neo Dragoon100RSF
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Can someone tell me how this would do?ok so here are the parts

Face Bolt: Meteor Drago
Clear Wheel: Spirit Fox
Metal Wheel: Hades Cerburus
Track: Flame Sagattario 
Bottom: Blitz Striker

Please tell me any improvements I could make on this build,I was going for Defense/Stamina build with a rubber bottom to resist blows :P
Your only real improvement is to use BD145, Cerberus' track, in Boost Mode. Also, for experimentation, try the bottom of Earth Eagle, Twisted Tempo, or Kreis Cygnus. This combo is slightly outclassed, but it can still work.
You should use the "Build me a combo!" topic and also name combinations properly. There is not even any Neo Metal Wheel, and you are not using the Dragooon Chrome Wheel at all nor 100.