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Full Version: God Valkyrie discussion
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(Jun. 28, 2017  5:03 PM)loyd87 Wrote: [ -> ]I've got gV with the stadium kit (forgot the code) and I find that it doesnt move freely. some plastics still to grip at some place and it does not retract as much each time... I don't know how exactly explain that...

There were faulty gv on release so you probably have a faulty one
Can someone else test this layer with a functioning reboot against lS.7.X? I've been playing with it for a while and even though it's not as reliable in normal attacking as lS is, in that specific matchup it seems that gV usually manages to beat him, either through bursting him or by simply having a better stamina thanks to Rb. I was kinda suprised because this layer isn't talked about at all.
Just to add to this, if someone gets the set gV, can you test gV with the gimmick locked?
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