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Full Version: Guidelines for the Questions & Answers forum
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Welcome to the Questions & Answers forum! Here, you can create threads with your Beyblade-related questions and get them answered by the community!

What questions can I ask?

Within this board, we're looking primarily at hobby-related Beyblade questions. Questions pertaining to other topics should go in the following threads:
We're looking into a clean solution to incorporate these into this Forum but, until then, please continue to use the threads above.

Unfortunately, off-topic questions will be removed as always, so please avoid posting those!

Posting a question

Create a thread as you normally would, with the subject being the question you're asking. Below this, you'll now find a Prefix field!

When creating your question, you'll want to select the [Unanswered] prefix. Selecting this will give your thread the following tag in the thread listing:

Continue with the rest of your post, including writing in the actual opening post itself (elaborate on your question!), and then save. Congratulations, you've posted a question! Now we wait for an answer...

Marking a question as Answered

Head over to your question thread and edit your opening post in the thread. Swap that prefix field over to [Answered] and save the post! Your thread will now have the following tag in the thread listing: