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Full Version: L'Heure est grave
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Our first tournament since the winter. Look forward to some traditional beigoma side activities too!
I'm fired up! I'll be there with two persons!
I find that name weirdly accurate of the state of the hobby for some reason, haha.

Time to dust off my Beyblades and see if Limited can bring my Beyspirit back, hopefully.
you're the man to beat at this tournament Tongue_out_wink
Man, but now the weather forecast indicates that there will be more rain on Sunday than on Saturday... And I am not free this Saturday at all. Would you guys be available at all next weekend?
It seems like my family planned to have a Mother's Day dinner on that day (and they didn't told me, haha) so that would be really great if we could postpone it to the next weekend.
Ah OK, well if you can on the other weekend that would be all good, I just seem to remember that this was the only weekend you could attend hah. For sure we would have finished before the supper anyway, unless you mean lunch?

The forecast for the next Sunday is also grim hah. Let's see closer to the date, but would everyone be free on any day, Saturday or Sunday?
L'heure est plutôt grave au Québec, avec toute cette pluie... So just to confirm: this event is postponed, for now, to May 20th. However, I am waiting for your confirmation that this date works for you all, or if you prefer the Sunday.
on my side on saturday lovecaro can't be there but on sunday its good for her. my friend should be ok both and me too.
(May. 16, 2017  3:48 AM)loyd87 Wrote: [ -> ]on my side on saturday lovecaro can't be there but on sunday its good for her. my friend should be ok both and me too.

Hm alright. @[MissingNo.] how about Sunday?
It should be all right for us as well.
I alright told everybody in private, but I will move the time for this tournament forward to 12:00 PM, to really give us as many chances of avoiding the rain as possible.
I could make it. But it all depends on if my parents want to drive me down to Montreal. About an hour away.
(May. 20, 2017  4:49 AM)Naru Blader Wrote: [ -> ]I could make it. But it all depends on if my parents want to drive me down to Montreal. About an hour away.

Oh cool, hopefully you can come. When will you know?
It will take some convincing, so I can't tell you exactly.
OK, well just to let anyone else know, do not worry if there is no one at the meeting spot at noon exactly, since loyd87 told me that he and the people coming with him would be slightly late, and I have something to do right before the tournament, which should not take long but might make me a little late.
They said we are having guest over tmrw so they can't drive me... :( to bad, I wanted to meet the Montreal community!
Ah too bad. I think something will be hosted for BeyDays, on the second weekend (June 3rd-4th), so hopefully you can make it to that one.
This turned out to be quite a relaxed, seven-people Club Format event. I hope everyone had fun: personally, I had tons of other preoccupations, and thinking back on it, it was rather crazy of me to host a tournament at all costs before Anime «north hah. That being said, it was great to see you all again after many months.

Gravity was actually not as overpowered at all, contrarily to what  I thought hah. It got knocked out plenty. What happened to that era I lived where this dual spin ability was awesome?

And we played beigoma too!  We are not ready to hold a tournament yet at all, but I am so glad that most people knew how to tie their tops at the end of the day, and after not that long either. Now, the next step: practicing to not miss the stadium each time hah.

Oh and MissingNo. won the Limited format tournament. All I remember him using was perhaps some Burn combinations.
It was an all around really fun tournament. I didn't expect Beigomas to be so difficult to use, but I quite like that aspect of the game, in fact.

For my winning combinations, I used :

MF-H Lightning L-Drago CH120RF
Scythe Kronos CH120WD
Burn Cancer/Kronos CH120WD/EWD (not too sure if I used EWD or I if just sticked with WD).
on my side, second place, I used: MF-H Sol Virgo 85BSF (second time on winning combination hah), MF Gravity Perseus(att vers.) 85GF(I think it may need to be on 90 because sometime it scrap the floor against opposite spin at mid-height.) and MF-L Gravity Perseus(Stamina Vers.) UW145/R145 EWD.

finaly I've got the opportunity to try Gravity in a tournament as a first time! its light weight cause some problem to keep it in stadium. for sure gravity on B: D isn't so great against some "heavy" attackers. what is really interesting with gravity is its dual spin that you may used during your match so it can make you a chance to win against opposite spin. but its not that great after all.

I like the beigoma I'm still the first who have launched it in the stadium at the first try i'm pretty proud of that but have a big problem tie my beigoma but with some great help for that i'm still good hah!

really fun I hope we will get more bladers next times it would be great to see new commers and new winners too.

Next sunday if some are interested I will be there with some burst and MFB at the same place! if we are enough bladers we may do the Beyday! or the week end after!

you may write me a PM!

see you soon guys!
We should definitely start adding events on Kijiji again hah.
it could be a great Idea to use kijiji again! I still push it on FaceBook but its hard to reach many people when friends isnt so much interested and never share :\