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Full Version: Favourite Place for travelling
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What is your favourite place in the world?
I love Italy!
You can make yours as precise or a widely ranged as u want!
Well i have never left australia so my favorite place is gold coast
Tasmania is bueatiful Stupid
(Jan. 20, 2010  10:41 AM)Chaos Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Tasmania is bueatiful Stupid

Is that a joke Confused

When i went to Tasmania i got so bored.
(Jan. 20, 2010  10:07 AM)Rawr? Wrote: [ -> ]Well i have never left australia so my favorite place is gold coast

Neither >_> Not until I go to Montreal this year though haha. My favorite place would be either, Gold coast, Canada or England.
Canada or Florida or Georgia are the best places to go
I've traveled France pretty well after around 6 trips. I recomend if you wish to travel European countries. I find it amazing how a country can be so colse to mine, yet have such a different culture.
Ive never left my state Georgia lol. I guess I like atlanta though. Its cool.

edit: i did go down to florida to disney world 1 time.
Hmmm... I haven't been out of the US but I thought Sedona, Arizona was absolutely gorgeous. It's right on the edge of the plateau and looking down on the town from the top is breathtaking. Besides, I kinda like mountains since I've lived in Indiana my whole life (it's sooo flat here).
i also love to go to italy...

because of the good ambiance there...

and it is a coll country..

there a re a lot of place there that are so very applicable for all the couple out there...

it is a city of love....

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