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Full Version: Metal Fight Beyblade VS Sol Blaze [Draft] LTD Format
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| Name = Metal Fight Beyblade Vs Sol Blaze
| Date = May 14th, 2016
| Host = ashton pinto
| Number of Participants = 9
| Format = LTD
| Location = Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, India

Metal Fight Beyblade VS Sol Blaze was a tournament held on the same day as [[Metal Fight Beyblade VS Sol Blaze (STD Format)]]. It was hosted by ashton pinto at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.

1. ashton pinto
2. AaryanBITW
3. Disaster
5. Ayan17
6. Alex Mercer
7. ZEE_786
8. Maximum Dranzer
9. Rayx Nikhil

This tournament was run in Round Robin format, with the top three bladers moving on to the finals. It began at 11:30am and concluded by 1:30. Though the players were fewer in number, this was one of Mumbai most celebrated events. Rayx Nikhil, christophermk, ashton pinto, Maximum Dranzer and Alex Mercer generously contributed some magnificent beyblades as the tournament prizes. These contributions played an important role and encouraged players. The players enjoyed their battles regardless of wining or losing. As it was the Summer season the climate was hot and sweaty but the atmosphere around was amicable mixed with rivalry. 
Several customizations were built using the Lightning Metal Wheel, making it the most used MW in this event. The battles were explosive; a number of hard knock-outs. Few of the setups used were Thermal Pisces T125 ES, MF Lightning L Drago 105/CH120 RF/R2F, Burn Gasher LW165 PD, Screw Dragonis 85 MF / R2F, Meteo L Drago UW145 EWD/B : D and Earth Aquario DF145 WD. Virtually all of the players owned competitive parts and since Beyblade Legends were still available at stores, beyblades could be easily purchased. Alex Mercer, ashton pinto and Maximum Dranzer were the regular tournament attendee's with years of experience. Mumbai also had members who were not very familiar with the LTD format.
The battles between FIREFIRE CPB, ashton pinto, Maximum Dranzer and Alex Mercer were fierce and energetic. Alex Mercer put in some tough matches against ashton pinto's MF-H Earth Aquario 230 CS and Maximum Dranzer's Screw Striker D125RF. He also shared a few of his beyblade parts with ZEE_786. In a battle between FIREFIRE CPB against ashton pinto, FIREFIRE CPB played an unusual trick using a stamina type custom; Burn Cancer LW165 PD which gave him a win over ashton pinto's Balance set-up; MF-H Earth _ 230 CS.
Ayan17 was unfamiliar with the format. He used uncustomized Hybrid Wheel System beys such as Rock leone, Dark Bull etc., and lost badly in the preliminary rounds with a record of 0-8. Alex Mercer scored the highest record (7-1) and on a slighter margin FIREFIRE CPB scored a record of 6-2 in the preliminary rounds which automatically qualified them into the finals. 
Alex Mercer defeated FIREFIRE CPB and ZEE_786 defeated Alex Mercer. Ironically, their results would be reversed in the finals. 
ZEE_786 used a risky combo; Meteo L Drago UW145 EWD but survived to score 5-3. The scores between ashton pinto and ZEE_786 were tied. Both had a record of 5-3. The tie-breakers were done to see which player would enter into the finals. ZEE_786 managed to Knockout ashton pinto Earth Aquario 230 CS customization, He scored a victory against ashton pinto in a close match and qualified in the finals.

==Preliminary Scores ==

1. ashton pinto (5-3)
2. AaryanBITW (4-4)
3. Disaster (3-5)
5. Ayan17 (0-8)
6. Alex Mercer (7-1)
7. ZEE_786 (5-3)
8. Maximum Dranzer (2-6)
9. Rayx Nikhil (4-4)

In the finals, Alex Mercer and ZEE_786 used setups based on the Lightning L Drago Metal Wheel. FIREFIRE CPB used both Screw Dragonis 85 MF and MF Lightning L Drago CH120 RF.
The battle between Alex Mercer (Lightning L Drago 105 RF) and FIREFIRE CPB (Screw Dragonis 85 R2F ) was heated. It was surprising to see Alex Mercer's control over a aggressive attack type combo. The high-track left spinning attack custom against a low-track right spinning attack custom gave him a disadvantage. FIREFIRE won against Alex Mercer and ZEE_786. ZEE_786's loss against FIREFIRE CPB was due to his lack of experience with aggressive attack based customs.

==Final Scores and Wining Combinations ==

*'''1st Place – FIREFIRE CPB (8-2) ''' 
*'''2nd Place – Alex Mercer (8-2)''' 
*'''3rd Place – ZEE_786 (6-5)
*'''4th Place – ashton pinto (5-3)'''
*'''5th Place – AaryanBITW (4-4)'''
*'''5th Place – Rayx Nikhil (4-4)
*'''6th Place – Disaster (3-5)'''
*'''7th Place – Maximum Dranzer (2-6)'''
*'''8th Place – Ayan17 (0-8)'''


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