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Full Version: The Calm Before The Storm - LTD Format
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| Name = The Calm Before The Storm
| Date = October 29, 2016
| Host = ashton pinto
| Number of Participants = 11
| Format = LTD Standard
| Location = Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, India

'The Calm Before The Storm' was hosted by ashton pinto and was held at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali.

Chaitanya Breed
ashton pinto
Alex Mercer


The tournament began at 10:10 pm and concluded at around 12:30 pm. Limited format was not popularity accepted in Mumbai, but years later, as the ban list updated, bladers in Mumbai got attracted towards it.
The atmosphere around was vibrant. nik1392 and soumadri were the reason of the players excitement and enthusiasm. nik1392 created a legacy of his own which left a permanent mark on the Mumbai community. After three long years of hiatus he was now back for the second time. 
What made this event really fun was the new sets of attack type combination's. It kept the players on the move. FIREFIREs trump card was his newly discovered combo; Bakushin Leone 85 MF. This combo dominated the entire tournament, it was practically unbeatable. He also used Gravity Peresus DF105 GCF 90RB/MF ( Defense Mode ). AaryanBITW and ashton pinto went in for their traditional attack type setups using Gravity Destroyer D125 RF in left spin and Vulcan GB145 RF/XF combos. MF-H Cosmic Pegasus W105 RF was used by soumadri. Bladers choice were setups using tall spin-track combos as well as 'spin-stealers'. Most of the bey-battles consisted of attack type setups. 

The preliminary rounds began with AaryanBITW and Disaster each scoring a total of 7-3. Disaster used Gravity Destroyer B : D. Luckily, he got many wall saves against attack type combos and was able to qualify into the finals. FIREFIRE CPB blew the tournament and amazed everyone. He scored 8-2. ashton pinto and nik1392 both scored 6-4. Gravity Destroyer D125 RF was extremely aggressive. At times it backfired resulting in a self KO. Alex Mercer and soumadri scored 5-5. Unlike the standard format, which occurred the same day, in the limited format soumadri used MF Cosmic W105 RF, a high recoil attack type customization. During the initial battles he Knocked-Out his opponents bey out of the dish using the slide shooting technique. In the latter rounds, his opponents got wall-saves. Bladers were persistently searching for a counter that could beat the Bakushin Leone custom, but many failed. The use of Metal faces, Launcher grips and other accessories are common at Mumbai events.

==Preliminary Scores==

ashton pinto (6-4)
nik1392 (6-4)
Alex Mercer (5-5)
Jksiddh (3-7)
yashpinto (2-8)
soumadri (5-5)
AaryanBITW (7-3)
Disaster (7-3)
Harrydestructor (4-6)
christophermk (2-8)

The finalist were FIREFIRE CPB, AaryanBITW and Disaster. The battle was between these new generation bladers, who joined the WBO two years ago in 2015. Similar to the STD Format which occurred on the same day, Disaster used an endurance type customization in the LTD format. Gravity Destroyer B : D was undefeatable against his combatants granting him absolute victory against FIREFIRE CPB and AaryanBITW. Although there were a few knock outs, luck was on his side and the BBC 03 stadium did give him wall saves. Since his advent, Disaster typically dominated the Zero G format in Mumbai. FIREFIRE used Bakushin Leone 85 MF against AaryanBITW's Bakushin Leone LW105 MF and won. He placed second in the event. It was all about speed, launch power and technique. Sometimes AaryanBITW used the slide shooting technique and in some rounds he just tornado stalled his bey. AaryanBITW placed third in the event. 
==Final Scores and Winning Combinations==
*'''1st Place – Disaster (9-3):''' Gravity Destroyer B : D
*'''2nd Place – FIREFIRE CPB (9-3):''' Bakushin Leone 85 MF, Gravity Destroyer 90 RB
*'''3rd Place – AaryanBITW (7-5):''' Bakushin Leone LW105 MF, Thermal Leone 230 WD
*'''4th Place – ashton pinto (6-4)'''
*'''4th Place – nik1392 (6-4)'''
*'''5th Place – Alex Mercer (5-5)'''
*'''5th Place – soumadri (5-5)'''
*'''6th Place – Harrydestructor (4-6)'''
*'''7th Place – jksiddh (3-7)'''
*'''8th Place – yashpinto (2-8)
*'''8th Place – christophermk(2-8)

==Ban List==
4D/Hyperblade Metal Wheels 

Other Metal Wheels
  • Beat [4D]
  • Big Bang [4D]
  • Blitz [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Cosmic [Hyperblade]
  • Death [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Diablo [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Duo [4D]
  • Fang [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Flash [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Fusion [4D]
  • Kreis [4D + Hyperblade]
  • L-Drago Destroy Metal Frame [4D]
  • L-Drago Destructor Metal Frame [Hyperblade]
  • L-Drago Guardian Metal Frame [4D]
  • Omega [4D]
  • Phantom [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Scythe [4D]
  • Variares [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Wing [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Basalt/Twisted
  • Hell/Hades
  • Libra [Metal System]
    Clear Wheels

  • Dark Knight/Ronin

  • BD145
  • SA165
  • E230
  • SP230

  • RDF
This was Mumbai's first MFB LTD event with Ban List 1.5

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1. For Trivia, you can write "this was Mumbai's first MFB LTD event with Ban List 1.5". Not sure if it was india's first as I think Arijit or Ronit hosted a LTD event around same time (?)
2. Soumadri used MF-H Cosmic Pegasis W105R2F IIRC not MF Cosmic DF105RF
3. Do you think it worth mentioning aaryan used Thermal Leone 230WD? IIRC he mostly used Bakushin Leone LW105/90MF and Vulcan Geminos GB145XF/RF (which was least used IIRC). As he's from top 3 too

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