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Full Version: The All-Out Mid-Air Battle Report [Draft]
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.LOLLLOL, I finally got some free time so wanted to write about 21st's event. Before today's event as I still clearly remember it like it happened just 2 days ago

Note:- it's based on @[Wombat]'s Anime North (LTD) and *Ginga*'s Frosty Layers and Icy Bottoms

Quote:Image:- (will add later)
Name:- The All-Out Mid-Air Battle!!
Dates:-December 21st, 2016
Number of Participants:-
Format:-MFB Standards Round Robin
Location:-:- SGNP, Mumba, India [should I write Mumbai, Maharastra instead?]

The All-Out Mid-Air Battle (STD) was one of 2 and first event in Mumbai in celibration of WBO's 8th Aniversery at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

ashton pinto
Alex Mercer
Meet [Jksiddh's friend. he was gonna to create account with same name. @[Jksiddh]]
Neet [Jksiddh's friend]
Siddharth [username yet to confirm]

Tournament started on 1:30pm and concluded on 5:30pm.
As this event had waived entry fees due to celibration of WBO's 8th aniversary. 3 new faces shown up along with lots of regular Mumbai members as well as old members such as Super Phantom who came after 8 months hittus. 

Competition for this event was quite though due to it was last MFB event of year so all wanted to take that 1st place to prove they are best blader of year. There were many combos such as Balro ^2 DF105RF, MF-H Death Aquario BD145CS, MF Flash Leone GB145RF, Zirago ^2 85MF, MSF-L Genbu ^2 SA165WD, Duo B:D, Balro Balro 85MF and so on. Zirago staller probably most used combos as it was used by all bladers except FIREFIRE CPB in atleast 1 match while Genbu stamina was 2nd most used as it was used by 6 bladers. In the end. FIREFIRE CPB and Super Phantom advanced to finals with there score of 9-1 repectively while Ashton Pinto and AaryanBITW tied for 3rd spot in finals where a tiebreaker were performed in which AaryanBITW won using his Flash Leone GB145R2F against Ashton Pinto's MF-H Death Aquario BD145CS making his way to finals

In finals. Super Phantom won against FIREFIRE CPB's MSF-H Balro Balro DF105RF and AaryanBITW's Flash Leone GB145R2F making him surprisingly place 1st for first time by overall score of 11-1. So FIREFIRE CPB and AaryanBITW battled for 2nd place in which AaryanBITW won using his Flash Leone GB145R2F against FIREFIRE CPB's MSF-L Genbu Genbu SA165SWD.

Winning Combinations and Final Score:-
1st Place:- Super Phantom (10-1). Genbu Dragoon BD145RDF, MSF-L Genbu Genbu SA!65WD, MSF-F Zirago Zirago 105MF
2nd Place:- AaryanBITW (8-4). Flash Leone GB145RF, Gryph Zirago 85MF, MSF-L Genbu Genbu SA165WD
3rd Place:- FIREFIRE CPB (8-3). MSF-H Balro Balro DF105RF, MSF-L Genbu Genbu SA165WD/SWD
4rth Place:- ashton pinto (6-4). MSF-F Zirago Zirago 105MF, MF-H Death Aquario BD145CS
5th Place:- Alex Mercer (5-4). Zirago Zirago 85MF, MF-H Death Aquario BD145CS, Genbu Dragoon BD145RDF
6th Place:- HarryAlchemist (4-5). Gryph Zirago 85MF, MSF-L Genbu Genbu SA165WD
7th Place:- JKsiddh (3-6). MSF-H Genbu Genbu SA165WD, MSF-H Balro Balro DF105RF, MSF-H Zirago Zirago 105MF
8th Place:- Siddharth (2-7) MSF-F Zirago Zirago 105MF, Gryph Zirago 85RF
9th Place:- Nith (1-8). MSF-F Zirago Zirago 105MF
10th Place:- Meet (0-9) Zirago Zirago 105MF
Each format deserves its own article, so I am curious to see how you can elaborate more on each event. A lot of sentences will need to be reworded or restructured in the end, but it should not be too difficult.
-V just separated both articles and started working on ZRG one. yes I know it's kinda rough atm but will work harder on it tomorrow
Just to know, have you been able to update this draft? At least with the winning combinations.
(Dec. 30, 2016  4:57 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Just to know, have you been able to update this draft? At least with the winning combinations.

yes done

today evening will add more details and work more on all drafts