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Full Version: Performance Tip - TD02: Massive
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'''Massive''' is a [[Performance Tip]] released as part of the [[Burst System]]. It debuted with the release of [[Wyvron Armed Massive ]] on September 19 2015.

  • Weight: 6 grams
Massive's Stamina is incredibly poor; so much so, that Accel performance tip based attack combos can roam around the outside of the stadium and finish it off late in the match. This makes it fundamentally useless as a Defense type perfoemance tip, since all the opposing player needs to do to defeat the Massive tip based defense combo is change their approach. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to have better grip than other top-tier Defense tips and the spikes around the perimeter of its tip serve to wittle its Stamina down even further.

===Takara Tomy===
  • B-14 Wyvern Armed Massive (Translucent Turquoise)
  • B-22 Ragnaruk Central Massive (Beyblade Reshuffle Set Defense & Stamina) (Translucent Black)
  • B-24 03 Deathscyther Spread Massive (Random Booster Vol. 2) (Translucent Neon Green)
  • Corocoro Limited Driver (Gold)
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|PartType=Performance Tip
|Weight=6 grams
'''Massive''' is a [[Performance Tip]] released as part of the [[Burst System]]. It debuted with the release of [[Wyvron Armed Massive]] on September 19th, 2015.

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===Takara Tomy===
*B-14 Starter [[Wyvron Armed Massive]]
*B-22 [[Beyblade Reshuffle Set Defense & Stamina]] - [[Roktavor Central Massive]]
*B-24 [[Random Booster Vol. 2 Evil-eye Wing Needle]] - 03: [[Doomscizor Spread Massive]]
*CoroCoro Limited Driver (Gold Ver.)
*[[Wyvron Armed Massive]]
===Takara Tomy===
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DriverMassive.png|Official image (B-14)
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I'm not sold on the description given so I haven't included yet, but I also don't know much about Massive myself as I don't use it. Can anyone else weigh in here?

Also needs an overall section written. The rest has now been filled in, and is almost ready for publishing. Thanks for starting this mj9.