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Full Version: New Year's Revolutions! [Postponed to the 14th due to snow]
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Happy 8th WBO Anniversary!

Join us for our first Club Format event! Come by to try Beyblade Burst, the explosive new series straight from Japan! Learn all about the new generation of Beyblade, build different combinations, and compete against rival Bladers!

What is Beyblade Burst?
[Image: gnJ23kG.png]
Beyblade Burst is the brand new, third generation of Beyblade by TAKARA-TOMY! It launched in 2015 in Japan and Hasbro recently launched it in Canada in September 2016. If you are not familiar with Beyblade Burst, please take a look at the Beyblade Wiki article covering it, the Beyblade General Forum, and the Beyblade Burst Hasbro Topic for the most up to date information about Hasbro's release of the series internationally. 

No Bey? No Prob!
Don't have any Beyblades from this new series? No problem! We would be happy to lend a Beyblade and launcher to you to use for the duration of the event!

Side Notes
Please be aware of your belongings: We'd advise users to please, please look after your stuff. While yes this is a Beyblade tournament and we're not suggesting that any of us would attempt to take each other's stuff it is still happening at a public venue where other people (who may not be so friendly) are going to be present as well. Of course, if you see a personal belonging lying around bring it up any of the judges so we can return it to the right person. Your co-operation is appreciated!

All players must arrive on-time: If you do not arrive at the scheduled start time, you risk being excluded from the tournament. The software we use to run our events–Challonge–does not allow us to add in extra participants once the tournament has started.

If you know in advance that you will be late, please post in this thread or contact someone at the event and depending on the circumstances we can perhaps still include you if we know you will arrive soon.

All questions for this tournament may be asked in this thread!

I think I'll pass this one.
Seriously awesome logo!
I will need a launcher and a beyblade
I hope everyone's new year has gotten off to a great start! Less than a week off, so here is a list of the Burst products that will be available on the day of the event:

B-01 DX Starter Valkyrie Wing Accel ($30/2x)
B-05 Booster Spriggan Heavy Defense ($18/1x)
B-11 Launcher Grip ($12/2x)
B-13 Booster Valkyrie Spread Survive ($16/1x)
B-17 Booster Odin Central Blow ($16/2x)
B-29 Starter Valkyrie Wing Accel Entry Package ($18/1x)
B-30 Starter Spriggan Spread Fusion Entry Package ($18/1x)
B-34 Starter Victory Valkyrie .B.V ($20/1x)
B-45 Light Launcher & Long Winder ($12/3x)
B-46 Booster Obelisk Odin .T.X ($16/4x)
B-58 Karabiner Grip ($12/4x)

(Discount $3 for any purchase minus its BeyCode! Smile)

(Jan. 01, 2017  10:02 PM)Aj master Wrote: [ -> ]I will need a launcher and a beyblade

No problem! One of us will surely be willing to share a Beyblade and launcher with you, and if you decide you want to get your own, there will be some Japanese imports for sale (above).
Update: The roads look fine right now, but if there's snow on them in the morning, the event will be postponed. Just I wanted to make everyone aware tonight.

Weather permitting, I'll be seeing some of you tomorrow!
Update: Due to hazardous weather conditions, this event has been rescheduled for next Saturday, January 14th. All other details remain unchanged.

Stay warm, everyone!
I really wish I could go but it's too far away I need one closer to texas!
I just found out that if this event's listing on Mishap Games' website doesn't register a minimum of four participants, their calendar system will automatically cancel the event on the day of. Everyone who is currently planning to attend this event, please click this link to go to their page and join the event there as well:

@[Morkad] @[Copper Spark] @[vallabh gondkar] @[Sweetblader9000]


(Jan. 11, 2017  1:44 AM)MarshallD Wrote: [ -> ]I really wish I could go but it's too far away I need one closer to texas!

Hi MarshallD, we wish you could join us here too, but Virginia is admittedly a fair ways out. You'll probably have better luck looking for tournament interest in one of the dedicated Texas threads here:

This thread is for discussion related to the New Year's Revolutions club format event only, but if you have anymore questions, feel free to send me or any other staff member a Private Message.
Are hasbro beys allowed
Hasbro Burst is allowed!
Is it supposed to be a big tournament
(Jan. 12, 2017  10:14 PM)Shawneemule Wrote: [ -> ]Is it supposed to be a big tournament

there's  6 or 7 people so yeah I guess so.
Is it going to be postponed again because of the storm coming
No, the rain forecast for this weekend should not effect our already delayed schedule.
It was awesome thanks
All done! 4 Bladers made a showing today for our first event at Mishap, and here are the results:

1st Place: Morkad
2nd Place: Victor Cruz
3rd Place: Angry Face

Thanks again to Morkad, Victor Cruz, and kayliana for coming out today! And a major thanks to James and Mishap Games for letting us hold our event at their store!

Info on next month's event will be posted next week. Seeya all soon!
Will you ever have a metal tournament
Can someone please put up a tournament in Sacramento California please!!
(Jan. 16, 2017  10:31 AM)Jaycuz23 Wrote: [ -> ]Can someone please put up a tournament in Sacramento California please!!

That is off-topic, since this topic is about a tournament that happened in Virginia. Those two states are on completely opposite sides of the United States of America. Find the thread about your region in the WBO Communities - North America forum, and make your interest known there. However, keep in mind that all of our events are fan-run, therefore one of you in the Sacramento region needs to take initiative and do something to organise a tournament there, otherwise nothing will ever happen.
Is this the one that was orginally scheduled on the 13th?
(Jan. 08, 2018  3:24 AM)Seth Cohen Wrote: [ -> ]Is this the one that was orginally scheduled on the 13th?

This is a old from last year 
Here is the link for the next tournament on the 13th