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Full Version: Metal Fight Double Champ (Standard Metal Fight)
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Our last attempt at a Metal Fight Beyblade tournament failed, but this time we are back, with double the action!

On Saturday, December 17th at 12:00 PM, join us for two MFB events back-to-back. The formats will be Standard, followed by Zero-G.

Your hosts will be loyd87 and I. Prepare for some fun prizes and, hopefully, some trophies again!

Here are the confirmed participants:
+2 others

See you this weekend!

@[D!CE], @[Protoman], @[ridbladebreaker]
It is unacceptable that it took me this long to do, but at the same time, considering how busy you guys have kept me with the Scavenger Hunt, I hope the time since almost counts as the two weeks deadline only hah.