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Full Version: Looking for Dranzer MF
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Hey guys!
I'm looking to finally complete my Dranzer collection with Dranzer  MF. I don't mind what brand or even what condition they are in as long as all the pieces are there! I would prefer to trade some of my plastic Beyblades than pay cash for them so here's a brief list of what I'm willing to trade so send me a message if you are interested(I'm willing to trade multiple+cash):
Mint assembled with box and all inserts:
Dragoon S/V
Draciel S/F/V/G
Driger S/F/V
Gaia Dragoon
Dragoon F/G
Draciel F/V2
Dranzer F/V
Driger M/G/MS
Metal Draciel
Wolborg 2/4
Seaborg 2
Cyber Dragoon
Roller Defenser
I have used Dranzer MS
I have few of the Beyblades you are looking for
PM me if needed!
I am based in London UK, and ship to most countries.
(Nov. 28, 2016  12:00 PM)SwitchBladr Wrote: [ -> ]PM me if needed!
I am based in London UK, and ship to most countries.
We've already talked dude... haha
I am also looking for dranzer mf and dragoon mf the white dragoon and blue dranzer dont have to be new but have stickers the bit chip ones could be missing tho cuz i have extra these r the last two of the original 4 sanits i dont have so pls if u want to get rid of yours or some how have extras contact me.