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Full Version: Cosmic Pegasus 145MF (Hasbro wheel)
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I found this combo to be very effective in smash attacks and a very good alternative to 4D wheels in terms of attack. I tried to use lower tracks but noticed overall worse performance.

Strengths of this customization:
-Very strong smash attack
-MF allows for very heavy hits
-Very easy to flower pattern

Weaknesses of this combination:
-RF/R2F out runs the MF tip usually resulting in knockouts

Overall, I feel like this is a really good combo for the WBO standard banned list. If there are any suggestions, please feel free to post

(P.S. This is my first post on the WBO forums, please be lenient)
Well actually there is no ban list at all on Standard Format. I think you mean LTD Format

Also to prove your combo is good. You have to provide vaild tests results while keeping these standards in mind

This actually seems good combo to me for KOing Defence and Stamina Types but I think you should add a metal face and R145 to make it more effective. I'm not sure about sythe, but it seem to will give trouble to Burn staller and Bakushin staller though bakushin can still KO it if hit from ahead. As you said it has problem against attacker as well + cosmic's extreme recoil can send it flying on 1 hit even at low rpm against things like Vulcan.

I will try to test this for you soon (once i get my launcher back at next tournament. well MF don't wear so it wont be a problem to test lol)
Limited format, huh? Not baaaaaaad