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Full Version: BUYING: Burst Products.
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I'm interested in,

Burst Stadium (Standard)
Various Burst Beys, Willing to buy used. Don't have a list of things I'm looking for, just pitch stuff at me. Hasbro's cool.
Beylauncher or Light launcher with long ripcord.

USA or Canada preferred but will consider otherwise, trying to find best deals.
Paypal ONLY.
Yo I actually have all the equipment and stadium you want (except a BeyLauncher perhaps, since I am really passing through my stock and sold the rest to Montréal Bladers), and I have access to Hasbro's Burst products. Canada Posts shipping costs might be horrible, but since everything non-Hasbro is stuff I bought a while ago and is just collecting dust because I wanted to stock up, I could probably price them very close to the original release price. Send me a private message if you want?