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Full Version: Black Dranzer F
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Hey guys,

is there anyone out there who can help me track down a Black Dranzer F in good condition?
Yes, me!
I have a mint Black Dranzer F that I plan to list on my Ebay page this week along with many other cool beys.
My Black Dranzer F is a Takara version with all parts and stickers intact - though I think it does not have it's Spin Gear sticker. However you can essentially grab this off any other sticker sheet as that is very easy to find.

My Ebay page:


I know I only have one blade up for sale at the moment, I've recently sold a batch worth of stuff and plan to restock this weekend if I can get good lighting to take good photographs.

I am based in London UK. Hope this helps?
Thanks! Sent you a PM.