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Full Version: Japanese Beyblade Burst Products
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I am from London, ON and I was wondering if anyone in the area (Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton, etc...)had any Beyblade Burst products for sale?

I am just getting started with Beyblade Burst so I'm looking for anything really. Launchers, launcher accessories, Beyblades, and Stadiums all come to mind.
Hello UltraGunner!

I'm from Toronto and usually sell Beyblade Burst products at our events. If you're able to, please come out to our next tournaments on October 15th (thread will be posted soon in Official Events) and October 30th! Both at High Park. We're always happy to see new players join, so we'd love to meet you!

I have NIB Valkyrie, RBV3, Unlock Unicorn, Karabiner Grip, Rubber Assist, a couple of the Gachapon Vol. 3 Layers, and also a lot of loose unused parts for sale that might be useful for you if you're starting a new collection. I typically import all of the new releases, so for example, in early November I should have a lot of B-61 RBV4 for sale as well at our events too.
Thanks for the quick reply! We can talk more in PMs. =)