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Full Version: Selling Hasbro Beyblade Burst
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It was not my intention to ever create a proper Selling topic since I technically have no active stock, but people are requesting some products to me progressively each week, some even in emails, so to try to save my time and my gas money, I am officially taking requests hah.

Basically, you let me know which item(s) you would like and I go to my local Toys "R" Us to get it for you.

At the moment, I only have an Epic Rivals Battle Set that I am about to return because shipping turned out too high for the customer. In the end, Zankye was really not wrong to sell it for $100, believe it or not hah. He sold all four of those he had as well.
By the way, it was my local store's last set, unless they restocked since.

Otherwise, as a reminder, here are the products currently out in Canada:
- Valtryek V2 Starter
- Spryzen S2 Starter
- Roktavor R2 Starter
- Kerbeus K2 Starter
- Valtryek & Unicrest two-pack
- Spryzen & Odax two-pack
- Roktavor & Nepstrius two-pack
- Kerbeus & Horusood two-pack
- Triangle Stadium

Keep in mind that in the province of Qu├ębec, we get charged an extra tax on almost all products. Therefore, prices are usually slightly higher for us, but at this level, with Beyblade items, it is often just a matter of 2-3 extra dollars.

I can sell on eBay if you prefer, but I do better deals for Members of the World Beyblade Organization who ask me directly, not to mention that Paypal takes quite a cut from the payment sent, so I need to increase the prices slightly to compensate.

Finally, Canada Posts' prices are horrible (OkinawamTS can attest to that hah), so unless you want to pay $20 for shipping, by default I offer the cheapest shipping option which unfortunately does not include a tracking number. If you are in the United States though, it arrives incredibly quickly anyway. Also, anything outside of the United States ends up costing a lot... In fact, the two packages I had to send 'internationally' have seemingly not arrived yet...?

And here is the proof of an item I recently sold:
The items are finally starting to appear on eBay; I found it really odd that nobody from Canada was stepping up and selling them. However, I can confidently say that I can beat most of the prices I saw, especially away from eBay.
don't return the epic rivals set. how much would shipping be to US be?
It was around $35 CAD.
Don't do it, dude. That stadium is trash and is not worth the money it costs, let alone $35 to ship it.
I only want it because I have a feeling this set will not be released the same way in the us. how much is the total cost to US
I do think it will be released hah. But if you want the total, it could be around $90 CAD.