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Full Version: Dranzer GT
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Hey everyone, like the title says im looking at buying a Dranzer GT. I would prefer that the beyblade was:

1. Manufactured by Takara (Japanese)

2.I would prefer NIB or mint, but willing to still buy as long as its in decent enough condition (A little wear is fine as long as the stickers are mostly intact)

3.In case if its a used beyblade i also would like a fully functional engine gear.

4.The winder tool for the EG must be part of the trade.

Please PM me if you have any offers and we can discuss the trade with pictures etc. Also, as far as prices are concerned I remember a NIB being $100 according to the price list on the wiki (feel free to post here with a more accurate price if im wrong)

Cheers Smile
I have a NIP dranzer GT. PM me
hey all, im especially srry in the case of those who had offered me this beyblade. took me this long to update cuz of shipping issues and irl stuff. I have obtained a near mint dranzer gt. Thx for all the interest anyhow guys and hopefully i can buy something else off u.