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Full Version: The rest of Burst: How will the layers/parts be released?
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For the last few months I've been making recreations of the little logos on the Layers and Drivers, and on these slides thread is also a list of all the burst parts, including blank letters as placeholders for nonexistent Disks and Drivers (example; Gyro, H, Jaggy). But this weekend as I was updating the Layer slide with logos for Fenrir and the Plastics remakes, I realized the ratio of the remaining unreleased Layers to remaining unreleased Disks and Drivers didn't add up.

Since Burst releases most boosters with a new layer and one new part, and starters with a new layer, new disk and new driver, I wrote up a prediction thing of how the parts would be distributed.
(Note, I don't think these layers will come with these parts specifically, they're just placeholders, The hasbro names are also placeholders, and the highlighted names are the beys that were shown on the leaked box arts a few weeks back)

[Image: S8HrAas.png]
(EDIT: I realized I royally screwed up the image wHOOPS)

Once we reach Treptune T2, we've run out of new parts. Not to mention that if Jeir Jormungand (which i left out because of the pic because technically it's been released, but not with a Disk and Driver so I'm not sure to count it as a release?) were to get a booster release a la Obelisk Odin and Chaos, that would make the problem even worse. So, if all the layers pictured here (barring Longinus) were to get booster releases, two layers would be without new parts, and that would go against the thing they have going.

I think one way around this would be to release some layers as Random Booster exclusives, but not as Prizes, kind of like what they did with Beelzeb and the quadrillogy of Fox/Lyra/Eonis/Crown in the last two MFB Random Boosters. That way they wouldn't need to justify making new parts for them because they're technically just throwaway combos.
Either that or J2 and one new layer are confined to Random Layer Collections until whatever the second series of burst is (which I don't find unlikely given the Wiki says a fourth RLC is slated for October), but seeing O2 and Chaos' releases, I think the former is more likely.

So, what do you guys think? This is all baseless speculation, and I probably sound like one of those tin-foil hat guys in this post, but whatever. I hope this intrigues you like it did me. :P
From what I know, TAKARA-TOMY has no intention to release a Starter or Booster version of Jeir Jormungand, so the only possibility if it ever gets re-released is that it is included in a set.