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Full Version: Tell me your 'good ole days' beyblade stories! NOSTALGIA!
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Hey all, i was at work tonight and i kept thinking about how i played beyblade throughout its stages, and i went back to when beyblade first released. Me and my cousins were all dying to get our hands on these new, amazing toys. Now a little backstory, everyone on my dads side of the family used to get together on every major holiday (thanksgiving, easter, fathers and mothers day) and christmas eve. We would all go to my nana's house and exchange presents and she would get all of her grandkids a present. By no surprise we all wanted beyblades! So little me got dragoon, while the other got dranzer, draciel, driger, all the orginals, and nearly every holiday we would bring our beyblades over to our nana and popty's house and we would all sit in their room eating dinner and playing beyblades and holding tournaments, with all of our overactive imaginations we would think we saw the bitbeast come out of the beyblade, we would talk to them like it was our long lost friend, and wouls talk to them ans congratulate them after every battle! I really miss those days, so after all of that. This was kind of a nostalgic/story post, i want to give thanks to all my cousins, my oldest one for introducing us to it all the way down to the youngest (at the time) for playing and battling, and just having a great time together. You are all awesome and wish all of you the luck in the world, and im glad you all are part of my family, you more than cousins your my bestfriends even if soem of us dont talk as much anymore but we still talk just like we always have! And thank you to my nana and pops for giving me my first beyblade and creating tons of memories, i love all you crazy mofos!

Tell me your nostalgic beyblade stories, i would love to read them! And ill read all of em!