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Full Version: buying NIB random boosters (plastic gen)
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Hi all

As I said in the title in looking to buy pretty much any random booster packs but the catch is i want them NIB. I know its getting very rare to find NIB ones but I've found a few so i know they are out there and i figure this is the place to find them.
I wont be able to but every single one immediately for i am but a lowly working man and still need to feed myself.
Please pm me any offers

P.s. If anyone has any tips on where the best place to find them i would be very grateful.

Thanks guys

P.p.s i live in the uk
Hey I can possibly get some but they are quite hard to get hold of
Ah switchblade we meet again, sperob0
I assume you want them to get the random booster prizes? If so then buying random boosters is a bad way to do it. Just buy the prizes.
hey man nice to meet you here! Grin
im hardly on here though