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Full Version: I am feeling very sorry to all my friends here.
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Dear friends, I am feeling very sorry to all friends here, due to the personal problem, I left here a few months, but now problem has solved, so I will give more time here, and please forgive me, thanks again for your support !

Best regards
[Image: sorry2.jpg]
Hey Dimsum2u,
Its always nice to see you here. Great to know that your back here And not a problem at all that you were away for few months We Totally understand that Smile ! Its great to have you here hah !
Looking Forward to Purchasing some Beyblades from you !

Welcome Back To WBO !

Cheers !!!
Great to see you back and selling! Hopefully you've completely resolved the issues, as personal health and safety should always come first.

The new threads are definitely a lot clearer now, will purchase some items really soon!
Welcome back Dimsum, I always wanted to buy from you and basically welcome back!!!
(Sep. 10, 2016  12:16 PM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]as personal health and safety should always come first.

100% agreed.

Welcome back dimsum!
Thank you very very very much ! Joyful_3
Awesome to hear that you are back! As others mentioned, the priority is that you are all OK, so take your time and come back in full force when you are ready.
Welcome back! I'm glad you're okay now. :') Hope you're feeling much better! Joyful_3
Welcome back! We never really spoke before but you are clearly beloved here at the WBO, so I look forward to talking more with you!
thanks for all my friends here, thank you very much! and thanks for your support! Joyful_3
Oh I didn't even know man, it's great that you've resolved it, and theres no need to apologize, when you've got a problem you need to take a break to resolve it, that's the best option