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Full Version: [Bristol, UK] Interest Check
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I'm interested in getting some tournaments started over in the west of England (specifically south-west). Currently, London is the only place in the UK hosting tournaments, and these aren't exactly accessible for everyone.

So I'd like to do an interest check here to see how many people are in the area and interested. I've seen a few people in the area on the BeyMap, but unfortunately it seems a little out-of-date and has a lot of inactive users.

At the moment, I'm looking at Bristol for tournaments as it's a prominent city and rather central as well, though that depends on the interest and where people are coming from as well. As I'm not actually from Bristol myself (20 miles out, actually), it's possible for me to adjust the area I'd be aiming for Tongue_out

So, interested and in the right area? Let me know with a post!

I live in Leeds. I am nowhere near Bristol but, given that the city has a dedicated hotsauce shop and cheaper rail fares than London, I might be able to make it on a weekend I'm not working. Would still prefer something that's not hours travel each way though.
Yeah, I totally understand that. I'm becoming more active in the London tournaments now, but it's definitely irritating having to travel for hours to get to and from the tournament, and the fare isn't cheap without my railcard either Tongue_out

If I can gather the interest in the area somehow, it'd be great if you chose to make the journey sometime! Might be a while yet though, as I'm not sure there are that many Bladers in the area anyway. I might need to do some off-site advertising, haha.
Previous UK tournament suggestions have had more interest behind them but even they have never made it past 6 or 7 potential attendees. It really sucks IMO.
I've been trying to get a Leeds uni group together so some of them might be interested but they're not as committed to the cause as I am. Chances are Bristol'd be too far to travel.

To be honest, I only found this thread through misclick myself. I don't check the tournament subroutine because it's always London.