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Full Version: Trading for Plastics/hms
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Hello, I'm Trading some of my mfb Beyblades for these beys(used condition):
-Dranzer MF or MS(Attack ring only)
-Driger ms(Attack ring only)
-Dragoon V2
-Dragoon V
-Dragoon GT(engine gear only)
-Blitz Unicorno(Takara or Hasbro)

What I'm Trading:
-Diablo Nemesis(Hasbro)
-Hades Kerbecs(Hasbro)
-PreHybrid Wolf(Tomy)
-Hyper Aquario(Hasbro)
-Gold Lightning L-Drago(Hasbro)
-Rock Leone(Hasbro)
-Storm Capricorn(Hasbro)
-Zero G Dragoon(Hasbro)
-Samurai Ifraid(Hasbro)
-Phantom Orion(Hasbro)
-Killer Gemios(Hasbro)
-Rock Scorpio(Hasbro)
-Gravity Perseus(Hasbro)
-Poison Serpent(Hasbro)
-Ray Unicorno(Hasbro)
-Rock Aries(Hasbro)
-Inferno Sagittario(Hasbro)
[Image: DyY1NHo.jpg]
[Image: IMWwCfW.jpg]
[Image: NGBPkSC.jpg]
[Image: 6HUVwiQ.jpg]
[Image: Kg66mbO.jpg]
[Image: 0XDBlnt.jpg]
Pm me if interested and if you want more than one that's fine Smile also provide pics of your offered trade in the PM you send me, Thank You!