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Full Version: Link to all the beyblade linups?
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I remember there being a site with all the bey releases, beyblades, accessories, stadiums. In the order of number and release date. Is that site still alive?

It was good for plastics up until MFB if I remember correctly.

EDIT: Also, is there a good list for BURST items?
I believe that was I just checked and apparently there's no link when I clicked on 'Gear'. I do remember it having Plastic and MFB products once. Other than that, I don't think the website you're talking about is even up anymore.
OldSchool, try BeyWiki. There was a page on there with the product name, release date and MSRP. Smile
Do you mean this:


If so that doesn't have the release date however. IIRC there isn't anything on beywiki that lists release dates. Some articles for the individual beyblades do but there doesn't any consistency in this.


Do you mean Hasbro or Takara releases?
There was a site that had both. I remember it, well over a year though. Was always a wiki-esque format or was it different before?

The site I remember had near everything listed from Plastics onwards.
Beywiki has a Takara product list for plastics and HMS, MFB and Burst. Pretty sure there may be some kind of list for hasbro or you could compile a list for Hasbro if you look around hard enough.