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Full Version: North America Beyblade Facebook group!
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Hey guys Badger here, and I was scrolling through facebook, and I noticed there was no North American beyblade group. So I took the initiative to make one, this is to help the community grow because some bladers might not know about the WBO, id appreciate if you join, and please message me if you would like to be an admin and my friend and I have created a test on bey knowlage to really find out what we are looking for. They group is also for buy sell and trade if you have a beyblade you dont want, someone else may want it to. Dont forget to read the description of the group before posting anything, I wrote all the rules pretty well and If there is an questions feel free to message me. The group is also used to spread the word on your beyblade youtube channel! So feeel free to advertise your channel on there. We will also have weekly discussions on the episodes as they are released! (WBO Please check FB messages)
the Beyblade group is called:
Beyblade Battlers of North America
Very cool! Just sent request in!!