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Full Version: wolborg ms mold differences
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So i broke the attack ring on my Hasbro wolborg ms but its not that big of a deal because I have another attack ring from Takara Tomy, but I did realize that the Takara Tomy mold is better reinforced to prevent breakage. *Takara Tomy mold is on the right
Last but not least is there anyway I could fix my broken Wolborg while still having it be tournament legal?
Ah, that is interesting, especially since the Hasbro one came afterwards and should be the reinforced one. Do you know if there is a weight difference and if their performance varies at all? It coukd be worth noting in the Beywiki article.
No once it's broken then it's not legal for use in a tournament.
I'm not sure if theres any difference in performance since I don't have enough competitive hms parts to test the differences neither do i have anything to weigh the two attack rings. I'd imagine there's about a 1 gram difference between the two molds though.