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Full Version: CoroCoro August: Beyblade Burst S-Series, Unlock Unicorn, Nova Neptune
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Hey World Bladers! We're back with another recap of all the awesome news from CoroCoro magazine in Japan this month.

Details on Dragoon, Dranzer, Draciel, and Driger in Beyblade Burst

[Image: YEmQ7Ti.jpg]

This month we received our first confirmation on how exactly the Beyblade Burst S-series remakes will be released! For readers who aren't familiar with what makes this such a big deal: the S-series from the first generation of plastic Beyblades are some of the most iconic releases in Beyblade history, and their designs are getting faithful recreations in the current Beyblade Burst system, roughly fifteen years later.

[Image: ap8vKh6.jpg]

Here's what we know about each release:

Driger S.H.F (Heavy Fusion)

Driger S.H.F will be included as one of eight possible Beyblades you can receive from B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4, which will be released in the second half of October.

While many Bladers were hoping it would come with an update of the metal change tip-design, none of the S-series remakes include new Disks or Drivers. Metal change was a design last seen on Death Gargoyle MS from the Heavy Metal System, which, like Fusion, switches between a fast-moving attack-mode and a stationary stamina-mode depending on the angle of the tip on the stadium. However, it both traditionally moves faster and has higher stamina than Fusion and it's Metal Fusion equivalent, FS.

[Image: latest?cb=20120921192216]

A well-used Driger S with Metal Change Base.

100 gold Driger S.H.F will also be distributed as part of a lottery in CoroCoro Aniki:

[Image: NHkTxKH.jpg]

Draciel S.C.P (Central Press)

Draciel S.C.P will be available as one of eight possible Beyblades you can receive from B-67 Random Booster Vol. 5, which will be released in December.

Dranzer S.S.T (Spread Trans)

Dranzer S.S.T will be exclusively sold at stores that host official Beyblade tournaments (WBBA) in Japan, for ¥972. Trans is a currently unreleased Driver, but it will be released before Dranzer S.S.T drops — more on this later in the article.

[Image: ozLjt14.jpg]

Dragoon .W.X (Wing Xtreme)

This will be available as a mail-order exclusive item in the December issue (release on November 15th) of CoroCoro Aniki in Japan. However, since this is being advertised as an exclusive recolor, it's likely Dragoon .W.X will get another release, though we don't yet know in what form.

Unlock Unicorn .D.P releases on August 6

[Image: oA0koz5.jpg]

A Defense-type that supposedly uses its large horn to knock back opposing Beyblades, Unlock Unicorn .D.N (Down Needle) will be released as a booster on August 6.

[Image: B_56.png]
Official Photo

Triple Booster Set releases on August 6 with Nova Neptune .V.T

[Image: B_57.png]
Official Photo

In addition to Victory Valkyrie U.Q. (Upper Quake) and Chaos O.G. (Oval Gyro), the Triple Booster set will contain the (almost) all-new Nova Neptune .V.T (Vertical Trans).

[Image: iGP0mEr.jpg]
On the right: Xcalibur .S.T (Spread Trans), along with a diagram on how Trans works. Below, a breakdown of Nova Neptune .V.T.

Trans can switch between a flat and sharp tip by rotating the tabs on its base.

This month's CoroCoro also contained a bunch of suggested combinations, most of which are probably not very good. But if you'd like to see them, along with the rest of this month's CoroCoro scans, you can check them out here.

Big thanks to @[Kai-V] for providing the scans!
There's so much cool stuff I can't believe that Unlock Unicorn is going not going to be a starter and that white Chaos Layer looks really cool
Whoa ! That's legit
Thanks for the news
Any idea how to get that mail-order dragoon in the US?
(Jul. 22, 2016  9:34 AM)XYZ-Jaden Wrote: [ -> ]Any idea how to get that mail-order dragoon in the US?

There would be no way to from the United States. You would need a middleman or a Japanese address, because I suppose that there cannot be too many people participating from one same address.
down press?!? i thought it was needle..
You are completely correct, I have made the modifications in the first post.
Sorry! Got mixed up with the Draciel release.
They changed the chaos layer it didn't have that c on it before
Thank you guys for this information Smile
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