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Full Version: Transferring a bey from 1 gen to another
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So I dunno if a thread like this was already made or if I should've made this. Since the new Driger S got those Sugar Honey Ice Tea parts but we still could replace them to make it closer to the old Driger S, I thought of making this. So the idea is to transfer 1 beyblade from any gen to another.

Like it could be any L-Drago + rubber tip to make it like most of Tyson's Dragoons.

or a combo from 1 gen to another since so many parts have similar functions like BGrin with Bearing Base/Core.

or it could be Flame/Torch Pegasus MS (Metal Sharp) so that I could make a pun and that the original plastic Flame/Torch Pegasus also had a metal sharp tip.

or I dunno I don't wanna be strict about this. This is more for the fun of it.