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Full Version: Wondering how much this is worth
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So, while clearing up my room I found a box of my old beyblade collection, and seeing as i have absolutely zero interest in the game now, i was wondering how much this stuff is worth, all used, and the beypointer i have is missing it's clip, i wanted to put this on ebay, but not make it A. a rip off or B.undersellf myself so what do you think?
update: L string launcher,grip and grip accesories and parts:RB, H145, CS have been reserved for jonahblader13
and R2F for XYZ-Jaden
also if you are interested, PM me, as it goes: Faces:5p Clear and Metal wheels:£2 Tracks:£1 Bottoms:50p
I'm interested in a couple things. Pm me.
I am also interested in a few of those parts, pm me pls
I'm interested in that whole bey launcher grip setup if you wanna sell it.
If you wanna know prices I'm not sure. I can guess.
Sent you another PM.
Why cant i view the images