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Full Version: Super Rare HMS and Plastics for Sale!
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Please check out my Ebay store for some of the rarest plastics and HMS ever produced!

For WBO members: 10% off Ebay prices!

For Passport Holders: 15% off Ebay prices!

Deals will be done when you buy more than one!

Dragoon MF, Dranzer MF, Dragoon MSUV, Gabriel, Galeon 2, Blizzard Orthus and much more!

In order to receive discounts you must purchase from me directly through Paypal. If you are not willing to use friends and family add 3% to purchase total.
good reseller with good price?lol
According to the price reference list, a NIB Aero Knight is worth $75
If someone buys anything for those prices I will be very surprised. $175 for an NIB Aero Knight MS is very off, based on the price list and a few that sold on Amazon for $75 last year.
Hey guys I just listed a ton more rare plastics and HMS stuff on Ebay at prices you will not be able to beat, especially with my continued discount of 10% for WBO members and 15% for passport holders! Check it out!
im interested in your hms lot on ebay. how do i receive the discount if i bid
@[Jimmyjazz39] if you win I'll cancel the eBay transaction and then have you send me the money over PayPal at the discounted price
ok thanks for clearing that up Smile
Even more of super sale for the next 48 hours off of eBay prices that were already further reduced today! 20% off for passport holders! 15% off for others!
Listed a ton more single HMS Beyblades, really cheap prices, usual discount for members and passport holders applies!
Is Gigars worth much on its own? I have one, but dont know how much to sell it for
How much galeon 2