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Full Version: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising (Manga)
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(Dec. 30, 2017  10:54 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Hey everyone, I have been super busy because Dir en grey is just bombarding us with content since mid-December, on top of work and family. My next couple of weeks are far from being less busy, but hopefully I get to work on the chapters soon.
Thanks a lot kai-v, will be waiting for it.. thanks for all your efforts.
Takao aoki updated his website with his new banner of bladebreakers celebrating The New Year...
(Dec. 31, 2017  4:42 PM)Eleanor Wrote: [ -> ]Takao aoki updated his website with his new banner of bladebreakers celebrating The New Year...

Thanks for the info
Happy New Year.....we have entered 2018... and hope this year brings more happy memories and almost no sad or sorrow memories...
Hope happiness is filled in Everybody's lives...
And hope that new adventures of beyblade begin starting from burst to bakuten shoot....
Hope that just like new chapters and episodes of beyblade......our life also reveals New chapters and episodes ....So that we can make more beautiful memories...

And at last....Truely hope that everybody living and breathing right now...Gets to see the first sunrise of 2018...
Yes.. Happy New Year..
Wishing you all beautiful moments,
Treasured memories,
And all the blessings a heart can know..
Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Make a good one..
Happy new year, may this new year be an awesome one (Joyful_3)v
Happy New Year! (Although I have a feeling that it's already late).
Anyway, I didn't want to stop wishing you much happiness and success.
I joined the WBO community in 2017, and it was a great experience. It was always difficult for me to express myself in English. I think I decided to register here because I love beyblade. Thanks to the kindness of all of you, I was able to overcome the fear of participating in a community that speaks in English and can speak about beyblade with many great people. Thank you very much!!
One of my purposes for 2018 is to participate more actively and continue to strive to improve my use of English.
Check out the new cover of Bakuten shoot rising manga...Uplded by Takao aoki....Its almost the same as the previous one...But consists of the golden dragoon F burst beyblade...
Check out the new banner of Takao Aoki....White Tiger X is back in action consisting of Lea, Maria, Cavin ,Gary and our one and only leader of white Tiger hills and white Tiger X....Ray....
The new official art by Mr Aoki has the baihuzu (white tiger x) team,here's the link to the pic
White Tigers! Mao, Gao, Kiki, and Rei! Oh, and Rai, too!
(Jan. 10, 2018  4:34 AM)nekodarkkitten Wrote: [ -> ]The new official art by Mr Aoki has the baihuzu (white tiger x) team,here's the link to the pic

Thanks for the pic. It is so nice to see the White Tigers again!
Check out the new Banner of Takao aoki consisting of Ayaka, Daichi and Kyouju (Kenny)...Updated banner on 26th of jan...
I will ask someone to upld the link as my device doesnt allow me to for security reasons...
New pic on Mr Aoki's website, entitled bus stop
By the way, I literally just have to do the heavy edits to the pages that had the special attack names, and otherwise everything should be done for the main chapter.

You would not believe the amount of Dir en grey and sukekiyo content I made in the last month, simply because of how many new things came out... It has been some merry holidays for sure hah.
Daichi with my boy the Chief just having a good time.
Finally done, and hopefully the small chapters from the volume will come much sooner.

Again, I cannot claim that this translation is very accurate, but hopefully you get a better understanding of the story and dialogue than if you had been looking at only the Japanese version.
Thank U veryyyy much Kai-V for the new chapter...truely thank U...

This is the craziest chapter I have ever encountered in the beyblade series....The cover page itself gives the goosebumps....So many mysteries in this one single chapter...Cant wait for the upcomming chapters...
Thank you so much for uploading this Grin
Thanks a ton Kai-V!!!
Thankz kai
This was crazy and gr8 .l loved this chapter
And thanks a lot Kai v for uploading.
Thanks for the upload, Kai-V!
Although Rising is really bad for my taste, I appreciate your work. Joyful_3b
Thank you again Kai-V