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Full Version: Top 3 rarest and most valuable Hasbro Beyblades?
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I would like to hear your opinions on what beyblades you consider to be the top three most Rare/Expensive/Holy grail for (sealed?) Hasbro Beyblades.
Mainly the plastic gen but if there are any "Rarer" newer ones; a top three of those would also be interesting to see Smile
Black dranzer
1. Ocean Wrath G
2. Samurai Changer MS
3. Apollon G
It's really tough to choose only 3. There are so many that are rare to find NIB. Pretty much any of the Random Booster AR G series (Ocean Wrath, Apollon, Killer Eagle, Blizz, Gabriel, etc), with Gabriel at least being the most in demand of them right now (best AR in the game IMO). Also a lot of the HMS as well. Any of the gimmick specialty really. Samurai Changer, Jiraya (Bearing.... something?), Dark Leopard, etc (although Phantom Fox seems rather common for some reason).