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Full Version: Lookin For MFB Beyblades and Accessories!
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Hello gang I'm looking to purchase any Metal Fight Beyblades as well as accessories. I am willing to look at collections! A more comprehensive list: (Safe to assume I want non customized versions of these! Built like they were originally packaged) Hasbro/Takara Tomy/Sono Kong all fine with me
Flame Libra
Flame Sagittario
Duo Uranus
Poison Serpent
Basalt Horogium
Rock Leon
Rock Aries
Burn Fireblaze
Lightning L-Drago
Meteo L-Drago
Storm Pegasus
Storm Aquario
*willing to look at other threads!*

As for accessories:
Beypointer (black, unless blue for a good price)
Beypoint Card
Any Launcher Grips (First ones released, no 3 Segment Launcher grip)
Launcher Extensions
Metal Assist
ANY string launcher (in working condition)
LR String Launcher

AAANNDDD that is about all! I will update once I get some of these. As stated previously I will look at other threads as well. Thanks for looking!
I have a Burn Fireblaze. Pm me!
(Jun. 05, 2016  12:33 AM)jonahblader13 Wrote: [ -> ]I have a Burn Fireblaze. Pm me!

Sent you a PM! Also updated my list!

Check my selling thread
Check your PM
(Jun. 07, 2016  10:16 AM)nickien Wrote: [ -> ]Smile

Check my selling thread
Sure thing!
(Jun. 07, 2016  3:00 PM)jonahblader13 Wrote: [ -> ]Check your PM
I have, I still need to get around to replying to messages.