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Full Version: Can you Juggle?
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I have been able to juggle for about 6 months now. i can do 3 and 4 ball cascade and 5 a little its hard though. i can also do coloums and im looking into others too. i think its fun. Can you juggle? if so, tell what kinds you can do and maybe even a vid if you want!
I can never juggle, no matter how hard I try. I really suck.
i can juggle in tekken chyeaaahhhh
I've been able to juggle with 3 balls properly for a while, my dad taught me.

Never really bothered attempting four or five though.
Never can and never will.
I can now do the half shower and 2 ball mills mess
In my opinion this should be changed to something like "The circus skills thread" In order to cut the amount of threads plus may end up in people going "yes" "no" "I juggled sucessfully omg". Well it's all up to the mods.
I can Juggle! only 3 balls lol 3 is too hard for lol