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Full Version: Selling new in box hasbro 2002 beyblades
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I've got some old beys that i found at a local Toys R us store, they are 100% original from hasbro.
They include Griffolyon 2
Driger G
Note: 1 Driger G and Metal Driger is sold
I'd like to sell them for around 25 USD each apart from Driger whom I've sold on ebay for 50 USD earlier. I will accept trade for other beyblades, Yu-gi-oh cards or B-damans as well.
[Image: beysa_zps4xw1ibfy.jpg.html]
Link is from last from the last topic i posted. For an updated timestamp pm me as i have forgotten my password on photobucket and is terrible at using WBO :p
Thanks on beforehand Smile