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Full Version: Buying/Trading Plastic/HMS Beyblades
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Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post!
Special thanks to Kai-V for his welcoming message.

I'm looking to buy loads of plastic and HMS beyblades. I do have some beyblades I can trade in exchange, or exchange+cash to make up to match the price.

I'm currently after the following:

Dranzer MS
Dranzer MF (blue version)
Dragoon MF (white version)
Uriel 2
Thunder Pegasus
Galeon 2 (black)
Trygle 2 (orange)
Trygator (green)
Dranzer GT
Dragoon GT
Killer (rapid) Eagle
Death Gargoyle (red version)
Shining God MS
Wolborg MS
Dragoon MSUV

Plus many more!

I prefer BNIB/NIP, don't mind mint condition. If it is used and not mint, price would obviously drop. I prefer Takara blades but don't mind Hasbro. Sono Kong is last resort but please still PM me without hesitation. I'm also a parts collector.

I am based in London UK and don't mind paying for delivery etc
Please PM me if you are willing to sell any blades. The more the merrier but I can't buy a huge bulk, maybe a bundle but not so many that I can't afford it in one go lol!

Thanks in advance
No problem for the message, but I am a girl hah.

Since you are mostly listing what you want, I will move this to the Buying sub-forum. If you really want to trade, you would have to post a photograph of your Beyblades with a piece of paper with your username written on it, as proof.
Sorry KaiV! Like I said I'm new here Smile
I'm not sure what blades I'm willing to trade as of yet. I don't have any spare 'awesome blades' that's worth trading. I may have one but that's about it! Will upload pics with name on paper if someone did request to trade blades. But right now I'm not sure what blades I can trade with