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Full Version: How do you collect?
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Hello there, well the title says it all.
How do you organize your collection and what do you have in mind in terms of collecting, I do enjoy a lot beyblading in general but I'm a collector in my soul.

I'm only interested in takara beys and obviously my starting point is the list of releases (BB- and BBG-) but after that and maybe some spare parts.
what do you do?
do you keep all the beys from the random boxes (wich have been released before exactly but with a different track maybe)? do you figth with all your collection beys (metal ones its okey I suppose but things like a Pegasus with the energy ring coloured its gonna get chipped in the paint)
do you have like 10 pre-build beys wich are the ones you fight with normally? (not for competitive though wich we all have our go to beys for tournaments and stuff, I'm just talking Home fun here)
I also only collect takara tomy but only if the package of the beyblade has a picture of the blader that owns them.
I actually hoard. When i have money i try to spend and get as many as i can on one try i also got a lot of my bey's from amazon too.
I typically approach collecting by first purchasing Beyblades with a reputation for having competitive value. Once I've gotten a sense of the series, I'll start buying the parts that I think have potential to be used competitively, occasionally purchasing Beyblades that I like simply for their design. I usually group all my parts together, leaving only my limited editions unused and in stock form for display purposes.
For HMS, I only collect the non-gimmick Beys released by Hasbro, with some exceptions like Thunder Dragon MS.
As for Metal Fight, I grab any good deal I find.

Once I've completed my HMS collection, I'll start collecting Burst.
My collection is a mix of Hasbro and Takara, but I only ever buy Takara anymore. Hasbro makes too many changes that I dislike, even down to the stickers, so I'm officially done with buying their product.

I just go for anything that looks good and organize them in fishing tackle boxes. I try to get major releases that I think looks cool, but buying a set is always a thrill.

I think I'm most interested in the Metal System (2008). At this point I only need LDrago and Gemini and my collection will be complete.
I literally have kept the boxes/packaging of their Beyblades for the past 4 years. Just recently, I threw most of my Hasbro boxes away. XD But the way I organize them is by placing them side to side for decoration and battle use and I like to keep them customized as stock Beys. I don't dissemble them into parts for competitive use but IF I do, I NEED to assemble them into their original state after because I'll drive myself crazy if I don't have them properly assembled to their original stock customizations. I also like to keep them ordered by series (MFB/Zero-G/Burst) when taking my Beys in my toolbox. (will be buying a new toolbox and will sort Beys by series into organizer boxes) As though not having much competitive experience, I collect mostly and use Beys for my YouTube videos. I try my best buying all Beys that I like/want but as of now, I'm deciding to buy Beys for competitive use and as well as for YT videos.